(1900 - 1964)
Médico. Fundador del Instituto de Medicina Tropical, cúspide de su actividad científica y docente, llevada a cabo con dedicación y trabajo abnegado en la investigación de la Parasitología.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
1997 | Pediatrics (Volumes I and II)

From July to December in 1741, the territory that nowadays comprehends Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo provinces, was part of the war scene of the “Guerra de la Oreja de Jenkins”, in which Great Britain, France and Spain took part for strategic interests in the Caribbean Mediterranean. Dr. Olga Portuondo, Historian of Santiago de Cuba city, has developed a sharp research on this subject. As a result, she wrote this book that exposes and studies the operations’ character of the adversary sides, and affords plenty of data about the defense of the jurisdiction of that time in Cuba.