(1799 - 1891)
Eminente naturalista, publicó el Compendio de Geografía de la Isla de Cuba, primer libro de su tipo escrito e impreso en el país. Pero su obra monumental es Ictiología Cubana, fruto de sus investigaciones de más de cincuenta años.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
1998 | A light that came to stay. Beginning of electric lighting and its introduction in Cuba

In this book, it appears an explanation in outline about the emergence and development of electric lighting, and more in detail, about the way in which it was introduced and started in Cuba, from the 1880s.

It contains abundant material, so far unpublished or that has appeared in specialized publications almost inaccessible, derived from researches made through many years. This material is presented in a wide context which spreads in space to the whole world, and in time until the most remote origins of light created by man.