(1797 - 1879)
Sociólogo, historiador y economista. Se destacó por su postura opuesta a la esclavitud y contra la anexión de Cuba a los Estados Unidos.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2001 | National Arts School and Cuban contemporary plastic arts

The present title reconstructs the history of the National Arts School (ENA) and, especially, Plastic Arts' teaching. It is intensely perceived on its pages the dynamics of the feverish years when this novel artistic -   pedagogic project was created and constituted. The ENA attained to the old unsatisfied dreams of the artistic vanguards, and at the same time, there were achieved&nbsp other transcendent dreams that today are a part of the rich patrimony that Cuba exhibits.

Hortensia Peramo Goatherd, outstanding researcher and teacher of the ENA and the Higher Institute of Art, has gathered in her work dozens of dispersed materials. She has interviewed professors, painters, some of them former students of this ambitious cultural project, and she gives us a volume where she highlights the foundational role carried out by this institution, its teachers, artists themselves in multiple cases, its graduates, today promoters who diffuse the excellences of that educational program, pride of the cultural politics of the country. This is why ENA is not a testimony from the past but a living presence in its continuators.