(1797 - 1879)
Sociólogo, historiador y economista. Se destacó por su postura opuesta a la esclavitud y contra la anexión de Cuba a los Estados Unidos.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2001 | The Rearmed Utopia

In “The rearmed Utopia”, the author offers us his testimony from the end of this century and this millennium in a journey for the poorest regions of our America. He introduces the past and the present from Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti showing the meaning of humanist epic of Cuban doctors, based on a great diversity of journalistic, essayistic, bibliographical and photographic resources. The internationalism, always founded in the principles of solidarity, is revealed in this book as humanity's unquestionable act, above ideologies, although resultant of a political fact: the existence of a Revolution that has not lowered its flags

However, this book is not a groan, it is a party which involves us in a trip of soul and eyes open to the world of losers, of those who were thrown next to the most beautiful human utopias to the forgotten banks of the turn-of-the-century river by the current of wild capitalism, euphemistically rebaptized as globalization. There is poetry and dance, music and color around the first travellers who do not feel themselves discoverers but America's debtors