(1808 - 1889)
Inventor italiano. Considerado como uno de los pioneros de la comunicación telefónica por vía eléctrica. Vivió en La Habana entre los años de 1834 y 1850, donde realizó sus primeros experimentos telefónicos.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2001 | Endoscopic surgery. Fundamentals and applications

The development of science and technique at the end of this century, has originated changes in the content of a large number of specialties. Surgery of minimum access is one of those transformations that constitute a true revolution in the field of medical sciences. This summary, which allows to satisfy the specialized reader's instructive demand on the flow of new knowledge that invade the world of  sciences, corresponds to the authorial creation of a community of gastroenterologists, surgeons, anaesthesiologists and radiologists who conform the Multidisciplinary Team of the Center of National Reference of Endoscopic Surgery of the Universitary Hospital “General Calixto García” which approach, in integral way, endoscopic surgery, therapeutic endoscopy and interventionist radiology.

The work covers this specialty's generalities, equipment and instrumental, accessories, cleaning, sterilization and conservation of instruments, basic laparoscopic techniques, complications of laparoscopic therapeutics, anesthesia; and a second part that refers the experience of this group in the endoscopic behaviour of different diseases: gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal achalasia, peptic ulcer, biliary lithiasis, pancreatic cancer, colon diseases and acute abdomen; illustrated by graphics, illustrations and charts which endorse the development reached in this medical discipline by the physicians of this center.