(1951 - )
Directora General del Instituto "Finlay", Centro de Investigación y Producción de Vacunas y Sueros. Es una de las creadoras de VA-MENGOC-BC, la primera y única vacuna en el mundo con eficacia comprobada contra el meningococo tipo B.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2002 | Other steps of Cuban revolutionary government

The book exposes with great abundance of data and investigative severity the historical events which occurred in the foundational years of Cuban Revolution and each one of the steps that the Revolutionary Government took in correspondence with the objectives of its political program and the obligation of defending the reached conquests.

The text is about a difficult time, of big conflicts, in which Yankee imperialism and the internal counterrevolution attacked with  strength and in multiple ways the new and deep conquests of the revolutionary process, which was radicalizing quickly, with the unanimous support of people.

The work has been carried out with first-hand testimonies, and it has been based on a wide documental research that provides new looks on determined facts and enriches other facts which were only partially known.

Rich in deep historical valuations, it offers a direct and dynamic panorama that the reader who loves historical systematizing will tremendously thank.

These events are seen through Luis M. Bush Rodríguez' prism, who had an exceptional leading role and was Ministry of the Presidency and Secretary of the Council of Ministers from 1959 to March of 1962.

The book provides valuable information, it carries out relevant assessments and it stands out for its scientific rigor and quality in the exhibition. It works with a wide bibliography, and it includes analysis of press conferences and speeches of Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Osvaldo Dorticós, Ernesto Guevara and Faustino Pérez.

Other books and documents, newspapers and magazines, a long list of interviewed people, constitute important sources of information used by the authors. Given its value as a historical source, this book has conditions to become a classic of the study of that important and decisive stage of the Cuban Revolution.