(1916 - 1978)
Médico cirujano. Contribuyó al desarrollo de la cirugía experimental y del trasplante de órganos en Cuba. Se dedicó también a los estudios de Cibernética aplicada a la Medicina y gran parte de su esfuerzo lo consagró a la urgente tarea de reformar los hospitales universitarios y al propio Plan de estudios de la Facultad de Medicina.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2002 | The Secret War. Mangoose Operation

It is a book that provides reliable data and relevant assessments about the antecedents, the historical situations and the facts linked to the October Crisis, also called the Missiles Crisis or the Rockets Crisis. In a detailed and argumentative manner , the author systematizes the complex plot of events and offers an enlightening vision from it.

This process is deeply and rigorously analyzed, and the difficult international situation is delineated with absolute clarity. These text's attributes guarantee the quick communication of its content, and the coherence of its discursive thought, as well as the exposed fluency of the historical actions.

History and political science are combined here in an effective way to show a very complete sight of that important episode of native and universal history.

The heroic atmosphere from those days is brilliantly described by the author, who had an active role in those events and has participated in the current exam of that circumstance. The series of episodes has been put together through documents and experiences, and the convenient writing of the first one contributes to understand the complexity of those epic days, where the attitude of our people and the wisdom of their leaders reached an exceptional historical height.

The author carries out a detailed analysis with interesting discoveries that contribute to clarify and, at the same time, to provide new elements which denounce North American politics against Cuba. By these means, it is restored the truth about this controversial subject which has been manipulated in the political international arena, mainly from the United States government's point of view, whose military character, irresponsibility and interference generated the circumstances of the October Crisis.

The text has a detailed chronology of the aggressions against Cuba that took place during 1962 and it has an updated and wide bibliographical reference.