(1864 - 1942)
Doctor en Medicina. Introductor y maestro de la Radiología y la Fisioterapia en Cuba. Sus méritos profesionales contribuyeron a prestigiar la campaña que emprendió desde París, en defensa de la gloria de Finlay.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2002 | Knowledge management. Analysis and projection of human resources Armando Cuesta Santos, Publishing House: Academia.

This work constitutes a synthesis of multiple experiences, accumulated by its author during a long practice dedicated to the organizational consultancy and the universitary teaching, regarding the administration of human resources.

Graduate from the University of Havana, Master of Organization of Work, Doctor in Economic Sciences, regular Professor of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the High Polytechnic Institute “José Antonio Echeverria” (ISPJAE), the author offers significant contributions to the analysis and projection of human resources with a systemic, proactive, multidisciplinary and participative approach.

The book updates these points of view, the most novel in the field of human resources administration, at the same time that includes the works and more representative figures of these approaches, essential for a thematic of such character and in a moment when cultural values and managerial or national idiosyncrasy have a considerable specific weight in the development of administration.

The topics are intimately interwoven with the new versions or administration forms, and they establish a useful guide for their practise, which bases the incorporation of a methodology that emphasizes learning in teams of directive groups.

The work stimulates the assimilation of “Organization” concept that learns, forms organizational advanced of today's world. The educational and the competitive managerial aspects completely integrated constitute a profitable and modern practice, for the usefulness and effectiveness that it offers from the economic and social point of view in this formation process. This manual exhibits a special importance for the development of this specific direction.

It is outstanding the organization and critical assessments that the author achieves on the topic from the perspectives of the Organizational Psychology, the Ergonomics and the Administration of Human resources when integrating their contributions in the systemic focus of knowledge management.

There are also exposed, with considerable depth, the application's procedures of the approach that it proposes and the instruments for the execution of consultancies about Human resources in Companies, what adds to this work a specific didactic value for Cuban managerial context.