(1898 - 1977)
Abogado y escritor. Brillante intelectual marxista y luchador social. Aportó valiosas obras como poeta, latinoamericanista y martiano. El Consejo Mundial de la Paz le otorgó las Medallas de Plata y de Oro Joliot Curie, en 1959 y 1966, respectivamente.
Award by the Critics to the Best Published Scientific-Technical Works
2002 | Guanahacabibes: where Cuban sun sets Georgina Leyva Pagán and Guillermo S. Baena González, Publishing House: Academia.

This publicist jewel, rich in its content and visualization, is the result of a new productive collaboration between Caja, Madrid, from Spain and the Academia Publishing House, from Cuba. Joint effort and determination from both institutions for the sake of offering Spanish America works of scientific spreading which contribute to enrich our countries' culture.

It is intended with this title to promote an environmental education guided to the preservation of natural environment and of historical - cultural values. For this reason, history, nature and society are integrated in its writing. This text possesses beauty, amenity, and it is vastly interesting, as well as comprehensible, without losing the indispensable scientific risk.

Guanahacabibes is in the western end of Cuba and it keeps in an almost virgin state most of its surface. It holds the condition of biosphere reserve, approved by UNESCO in 1987 and a National Park is part of its territory. It is a strategic region of sustainable development in every order, including tourism.

This book's wide format, its pages' quality and luster, its images' wealth and artistic quality, which firmly show the paradisiacal beauty of that privileged Cuban area, its text's fluency and amenity, plethoric of information, constitute a formidable beam of attributes that give a special artistic and scientific range to this book.

The reader will be fascinated with such a work, elaborated with so much seriousness and pleasure, in which the authors have shown their deep knowledge on this particular region. Georgina Leyva Pagán and Guillermo S. Baena, its main authors, are presently assessors of the Office for the Integral Development of Guanahacabibes.