(1810 - 1896)
Zoólogo alemán. Su labor científica fue enorme en el campo de las investigaciones zoológicas. Sus aportes se plasmaron en obras sobre mamíferos, aves, insectos, reptiles y moluscos.
National Social Science Award
2000 | Eduardo Torres Cuevas

Eduardo Torres Cuevas, was born in Havana City on September 4th, 1942. He received a bachelor of Sciences and Letters in 1962 and, since 1969, worked as a Philosophy instructor at Havana University, where he graduated in History in 1973.

Throughout his 32-year-long career as a college professor, he has delivered many courses to classes from diverse faculties of Havana University (UH) (History, Philosophy, Journalism, Political Sciences, Sociology, Arts and Letters, Economics, Psychology, and Law), he has also taught at ”Enrique José Varona” Higher Pedagogical Institute, at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana (ISCM-H) as well as in other universities in the country. In 1980, he got the academic rank of Professor and in 1990 the academic degree of PhD in Historical Sciences. He also has the academic rank of Permanent Researcher.

He has directed diploma theses, advised on or tutored doctoral theses, and delivered graduate courses in Cuban and foreign universities. He has been advisor on tesinas de Maitrise at the French Universities of Paris VIII, Pau, Aix en Provence y Persignan, being tutor of tesinas de Maitrise in the aforementioned universities. He has participated as an advisor, tutor or member of examining boards for doctoral theses in France. He was Professeur Etranger Invité at the Universities of Paris VIII from 1991-1992and at the University of Perpignam from 1994-1995. For two terms in a row, he was Professeur Associé of the Universities of Aix in Provence. He has also been invited professor at the German Universities of Leipzig and Rostock. He has delivered the special courses of Agrégation (national higher contest for French professors) on Latin American Civilization and Literature for the 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 courses.

Main works:  

  • Anthology of Medieval Thinking, Ciencias Sociales Publishing House, Havana City, 1975.

  • The Polemic on Slavery. José Antonio Saco. Ciencias Sociales Publishing House. Havana City, 1984.

  • Bishop Espada. Illustration, Reform and Anti-Slavery. Ciencias Sociales Publishing House, Havana, 1990.

  • Félix Varela. Origins of Cuban Science and Awareness. Ciencias Sociales Publishing House. Havana, 1990.

  • Antonio Maceo: The Ideas Holding the Weapon. Ciencias Sociales Publishing House. Havana, 1996.

  • History and the Work of the Historian. Imagen Contemporánea Publishing House. Havana, 1996.

  • Works. Félix Varela ( 3 volumes). Imagen Contemporánea Publishing House. Havana, 1997.


  • Along his intellectual career, he has directed many an academic research focused on issues such as economic-social structures in the Cuban evolution; social aspects and consequences of slavery in Cuba; the evolution of ideas in Cuba and mind-sets, particularly the study of nationally significant figures such as Félix Varela, Bishop Espada, José Antonio Saco, José de la Luz y Caballero, Antonio Maceo, José Martí, Enrique José Varona, and Fernando Ortiz. He has also done research on religions in Cuba, the institutional history of the Catholic church, and the evolution of Freemasonry in Cuba.

Distinctions and awards:  

  • Medal for the Literacy Campaign.

  • Medal for 25 Years of Teaching.

  • "José Tey" Medal.

  • Distinction by Education.

  • Distinction by the Cuban Culture.

  • "Frank País" Medal.

  • Commemorative Medal for Aponte’s Conspiracy.

  • Medal for the 50th Anniversary of Fernando Ortiz.

  • Medal by Pau University (France).

  • Distinguishing Stamp for the 270th Anniversary of Havana University.

  • Award by the Ministry of Education to the Best Scientific Achievement ( twice)

  • Award to Scientific-technical criticism ( twice).

  • National Award to the best published work conferred by the Academy of Sciences (twice).

In addition, he has directed the Scientific Program The Evolution of Ideas in Cuba. He has chaired the “Don Fernando Ortiz” Center of High Studies in Havana University. He has chaired American debates and directed Imagen Contemporánea Publishing House. He has been member of the National Commission for Scientific Degrees of the Republic of Cuba, the National Examining Board of History for the defense and granting of Scientific Degrees, and several Scientific and/or Advising Boards such as those at the Ciencias Sociales Publishing House, the Center for Studies on José Martí and the Institute of History of Cuba (IHC).