(1898 - 1977)
Abogado y escritor. Brillante intelectual marxista y luchador social. Aportó valiosas obras como poeta, latinoamericanista y martiano. El Consejo Mundial de la Paz le otorgó las Medallas de Plata y de Oro Joliot Curie, en 1959 y 1966, respectivamente.
Biomedical Sciences
1989 | Intacglobin: intravenous immunoglobin of intact molecule
Main executives entity:  “Adalberto Pessant” Plant of Sera and Hemoderivative Products
Main author: Armando Cadiz Lahens
Summary: It was developed a method for the production of intravenous immunoglobulines of intact molecule, it was obtained a polyvalent, registered with the commercial name of Intacglobin, widely used in many located or systemic infections, epilepsies refractory to other treatments, thrombocytopenic purpura, autoimmune and immunodeficient diseases. This product fulfills the requirements of the most advanced of its type in the world nowadays, which are only manufactured by 3 or 4 companies. During 1990, 8 885 flasks have been provided to the hospital net of the country, with a value of 1 110 625 pesos, and it is foreseen a production plan of 30 000 flasks for 1991, with a value of 3 804 200 pesos. There is a real possibility of export of this medication.PERFORMERS: Plant of Hemoderivatives Hospital "William Soler".