(1799 - 1891)
Eminente naturalista, publicó el Compendio de Geografía de la Isla de Cuba, primer libro de su tipo escrito e impreso en el país. Pero su obra monumental es Ictiología Cubana, fruto de sus investigaciones de más de cincuenta años.
Biomedical Sciences
1989 | National production of marked compounds and radiopharmacos
Main author: Eunice Olive Alvarez
Summary: 33 products have been obtained, among marked compounds and radiopharmacos, through the assimilation and development of state-of-the-art technologies such as: - Nucleotides marked with P32 (Gamma ATP, Alpha ATP and d-alpha ATP). - Compounds marked with H3 (leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, etc.) - Hormones marked with I125 for Radioimmunoassay (insulin, growth hormone, thyroglobuline, progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, etc.) - Radiopharmacos of I131 (Hipuran). Kits for in vivo diagnosis (pyrophosphate, DTPA, sodium gluconate, etc).These productions allowed substituting imports (253 132 pesos from 1989 to 1990), becoming independent of the exterior and having attractive lines for exportation. The main products to research on biotechnology, medical genetics and AIDS; the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, renal and hepatobiliary diseases, etc. Some of the developed technologies are original. PERFORMERS: Center of Studies and Development of Nuclear Applications, National Endocrinology Institute, Oncology Institute.