(1912 - 1980)
Doctora en Derecho Civil. Periodista destacada, literata y poetisa de intensa vida política, profesora notable. Fue Directora del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba.
Biomedical Sciences
1989 | Establishment of a production technology of 48 enzymes of DNA restriction
Main author: Omar García
Summary: It was established a work methodology of identification, multiplication and conservation of microorganisms, until there were collected 85 enzyme-producer stumps that were fully identified. The cultivations increased to achieve big volumes of active biomass. Then, there were established and developed the purification techniques of each enzyme, which gave rise to many publications and presentations in international events. It was created a Laboratory of Quality Control that guarantees parameters according to international requirements, in order to stabilize the commercial production of these enzymes. Besides satisfying an important part of national demand, these enzymes, dedicated to research laboratories, constitute an export line that has been object of many expressions of purchase interest on the part of foreign clients, some of which have already signed acquisition contracts. PERFORMERS: Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology