(1849 - 1933)
Pedagogo y filósofo. De él diría Emilio Roig de Leuchsenrig, que fue "durante largo tiempo, por excelencia, guía y maestro de cubanía".
Biomedical Sciences
1989 | Circulation of Virulent Poliovirus
Main author: Pedro José Más Lago
Summary: The demonstration of the no-circulation of wild polivirus in a country represents  the essential element to consider the erradication of this disease. To demonstrate the no-circulation of these agents in Cuba, it was carried out the study of the possible viral etiology of the 19 cases of Flaccid Paralysis in children younger than 15 years old, which occurred in the country from January of 1989, and it was obtained in two sick persons the isolation of Poliovirus type 2, which were identified as vaccinal stumps, through the technique of hybridization of nucleic acids. It was not obtained Poliovirus isolation in random samples taken from waste waters in kindergartens’ effluents in some provinces, from September to December in 1989. It was carried out in February of 1990, the study of serological markers to a national sample of 724 children born in July in 1989 (5 % of the total of that population), which had as a result only 1 % of children with con antibodies against Poliovirus, which were considered as remainders of the passive immunity acquired through the placenta. These results are a powerful argument in favor of the no-circulation of wild Poliovirus in Cuba; demonstration that allows us to aspire to the certificate of the World Health Organization, which will declare us the first American country free of Poliovirus.PERFORMERS: Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kourí"