(1916 - 1978)
Médico cirujano. Contribuyó al desarrollo de la cirugía experimental y del trasplante de órganos en Cuba. Se dedicó también a los estudios de Cibernética aplicada a la Medicina y gran parte de su esfuerzo lo consagró a la urgente tarea de reformar los hospitales universitarios y al propio Plan de estudios de la Facultad de Medicina.
Natural and Exact Sciences
1996 | National study on Cuban Republic’s Biological Diversity
Main author: Miguel A Vales García, Pedro Pérez Alvarez, Daisy Vilamajó Alberdi, Alberto Alvarez de Zayas, Arturo Avila , Ariel Aguilar , Roberto Vandama
Summary: It is an important document about the main elements that incide on the country about the conservation of its biodiversity; includes an analysis of the relevant socioeconomic factors from this point of view, a detailed description of the country’s biodiversity in its different manifestations and considerations about the main activities of explotation of the natural resources that can affect Cuban biological diversity. This way, this document constitutes a valuable tool to help in decision-making regarding natural resources’ use. This work’s execution has shown the scientific capacity of this country and its political will to fulfill with the agreements of the Summit of Rio. Cuba is one of the ten countries in the world that has finished it, and the rest are not Latin American. Many institutions and organisms of the country have participated in its elaboration, such as CITMA, MEP, MES, MIP, etc. Considering that this work was successfully fulfilled, PNUMA approved the financing of the Cuban Strategy on Biological Diversity, as a second stage of this work. Main authors: Miguel A. Vales García, Pedro Pérez Álvarez, Daisy Balmajó Alberdi, Alberto Alvarez De Zayas, Arturo Ávila, Ariel Aguilar (Institute of Ecology and Systematics), Rodolfo Claro (Inst. of Oceanology), Carlos A. Álvarez (IPF), Roberto Vandama (National Center of Biodiversity of IES)