(1829 - 1888)
Químico fisiólogo, agrónomo y tecnólogo industrial. Se le considera Padre de la Agricultura Científica Cubana. Su obra cumbre, Ensayo sobre el cultivo de la caña de azúcar, se tradujo a varios idiomas y es considerada la principal obra escrita sobre esta gramínea.
Natural and Exact Sciences
1996 | Studies on isostasy in Cuba: a characterization and delimitation of potencially seismic zones
Main author: José Luis Cuevas Ojeda
Summary: The work summarizes the results of all the studies on isostasy carried out in Cuba. It also exposes the methodology and the software particularly produced in order to process and analyze the gravimetric enormous information that was used as a base to create the isostatic maps. It has an inestimable value, for regional tectonic studies and for seismotectonics. Using state-of-the-art techniques to process gravimetric information, there were obtained the maps of isostatic anomalies and their gradients, and also, for the first time, the expressions that correlate them with the magnitude of the posible maxirnum earthquake associated with Cuban seismogenic zones, basically delimited by geologic-geomorphological and seismological data. It provides an alternative variant to evaluate a region's seismic potential, which has not been previously reported in international literature. Also, it is especially advisable to be used in areas of low seismic activity, where it is difficult to establish seismic patterns and where the most important objectives are built. It also makes incursions into other aspects not previously approached in the country, as the cartography of isostatic thickness of the earth's crust and crust-stratum limit starting from residual isostatic anomalies, which offer information on the character of tectonic movements and earthquakes' generation mechanism in Cuba. This work obtained the International Latin American Prize granted by the Foundation García Siñieris of Spain, and the condition of Outstanding in the XI National Forum of Science and Technique. It was also highlighted in the Geophysics 96 Event, and some of these results have been introduced in seismological researches, where Cuban Central Electronuclear of Juragua is located.