(1799 - 1891)
Eminente naturalista, publicó el Compendio de Geografía de la Isla de Cuba, primer libro de su tipo escrito e impreso en el país. Pero su obra monumental es Ictiología Cubana, fruto de sus investigaciones de más de cincuenta años.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
1996 | Taxonomy of Trichogranima Westwood genus in Cuba
Main author: Maribel Galán Torres
Summary: Trichogramma Westwood genus stands out for its economic importance in Cuba, since it is widely used in the control of plagues that are important for different cultivations, such as Diatraea saccharalis (Fab), Mocislatipes Guenée and Erinnys ello. This result develops the study of evolutive taxonomy, considering the biochemical, morphological and morphometric results, as well as the reproductive characteristics of Cuban species. It points out the presence of six species for Cuba (among them, three new registrations) and the description of a new species for Science, T. pintuream. It is reported for the first time for Cuba and second for America, the presence of Telitoquicos of T. pretiosum: condition that should be taken into account to control the quality of this parasite when it is produced as biological medium. It was described a new mutation for the genus: the determinism of coloration of a parasitic host's eggs for F. fiicteusi, which constitutes an excelent marker for genetic and physiological studies. It was elaborated a key for the identification and classification of Cuban and introduced species of this genus. This key represents a new phytogenetic approached not used in Cuba so far.