(1848 - 1904)
Abogado, periodista y biógrafo. Realizó trabajos vinculados con el pasado histórico y literario de Cuba. Conformó una de las bibliotecas más completas sobre asuntos nacionales en aquellos momentos. Publicó importantes trabajos históricos como: Hombres del 68 y Nociones de Historia de Cuba.
Biomedical Sciences
1996 | New antigens associated to human mammary tumors
Main executives entity: Center for Molecular Immunology
Main author: Gilda Marquina Rodríguez
Summary: Mammary tumors, histologically diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinomas, were examined regarding their ganglioside content. It was determined through gass chromatography and mass spectometry that ganglioside’s total levels, expressed as sialic acid linked to lipid, were significantly higher in mammary tumoral tissues than in normal tissues. The presence of three unusual ganglioside species in tumors was an important find: two of them 0-acetyl GM3 and O-acetyl GT3, which belong to the group of 0-acetilates gangliosides present in fetal brains; and the third, a N-glycolil ganglioside (N-glycolil GM3), whose presence has not been previously reported in normal or tumoral human tissues, at least in concentrations higher than 0.01%. Obtaining a murine monoclonal antibody that recognize gangliosides, which are carriers of N-glycolil sialic acid as well as antigens expressed in mammary tumors, also allowed detecting N-glycolil sialic acid through immunochemical methods. The discovery of these unusual gangliosides in mammary tumors could be used as a base for the development of diagnostic and vaccinal methods for the immunotherapy of these malignant diseases.