(1923 - 2001)
Médico oftalmólogo. Notable científico, conocido internacionalmente por haber concebido un nuevo tratamiento para la retinosis pigmentaria.
Technical Sciences
1996 | The explotation of ground waters, a new approach
Main author: Diosdado Fernando Pérez Franco
Summary: This book provides a new approach of Underground Hydraulics, the nonlinear approach, and it is based on research works developed by the authors, which have allowed formulating the nonlinear Theory for flow in porous media, scientific result of international relevance. It is coherently presented the nonlinear Theory, which has made possible reinterpreting Underground Hydraulics as a whole, so that processes that could not be analyzed so far are qualitatively and quantitavely satisfactorily explained with the lineal theory. On the other hand, the new theory allows analyzing, as particular cases, those already solved and those in which it is possible to consider the existent flow as linear. From the practical point of view, the new approach has made possible: identifying correctly the true hydrogeological properties of aquifers, interpreting in a more complete way capture hydraulics, improving the points of view for the evaluation of ground water’s resources, establishing more rational criteria for the design of capture works to interpret the results of pumping tests, etc.; aspects that are properly treated in this book. The work is aimed at professionals that work in the branch of evaluation and explotation of ground water’s resources, such as: civil hydraulic and mining engineers; hydrogeologists, etc., and it is really suitable to graduate courses on this subject, with the new knowledge than appears on it. Nevertheless, despite the high scientific level of its content, the simplicity in which the concepts and illustrative examples are presented, allows using it easily as a tool work to solve the problems presented more frequently in professional practice.