(1913 - 1997)
Político y economista. Su principal aporte teórico a la economía fue la diferenciación entre los conceptos de "crecimiento" y "desarrollo" que aparece por primera vez en su análisis acerca del libro de Raúl Lorenzo titulado El empleo en Cuba.
Technical Sciences
1996 | KTP-2M sugar cane harvester
Main executives entity:  Center for Machinery Development of Holguín
Main author: Justo Max González
Summary: KTP harvester, conceived in the early 70s, suffered many modifications in order to increase its efficiency, quality and reliability at work. It started since 1980 an improvement program of this model; this process coincided with the introduction of green cane harvest policy and the continous increase in agricultural yield, which caused that KTP-1 was used for an operation for which it was not designed. In 1986, it was carried out a work to introduce KTP-2 serial production, in order to give an appropiate answer to the new conditions, as a result from the experiences with the operation of KTP-1. Despite the improvements in the new equipment, there were still operational problems that diminished machine’s reliability. In order to increase its operational capacity, it was carried out a work in the most significant groups, in those that incided on its breaking, creating KTP-2M harvester, which in experimental exploitation in "Antonio Maceo" Caí, with twenty machines, achieved results much higher than those achieved by the KTP-2. More than 750 sugar cane combine harvesters have been modified from that test in production conditions and due to the results reached, in which two KTP-2s were replaced by one KTP-2M 1.    KTP-2M overcame unquestionably KTP-2 reliability index.2.    Hydraulic system was the best behaved of all the changes introduced, since the breaking index decreased from 31.9% in KTP-2 to 2.6% in KTP-2M.3.    Taino engine had a discrete increment in relation to CMD-72, of 5.6% in KTP-2 to 4.5% in KTP-2M.4.    The direct expense in explotation decreased in 22% (9).5.    The technical assistance of highly qualified personnel guarantees a higher technical exploitation.6.    The increase of KTP-2M productivity is due to the increase of the machine’s technical reliability and to the organization of Harvest-Transport-Profit System.