(1848 - 1904)
Abogado, periodista y biógrafo. Realizó trabajos vinculados con el pasado histórico y literario de Cuba. Conformó una de las bibliotecas más completas sobre asuntos nacionales en aquellos momentos. Publicó importantes trabajos históricos como: Hombres del 68 y Nociones de Historia de Cuba.
Biomedical Sciences
1997 | High expression levels of Polynucleotide Kinase (PNK) of T4 coliphage in  E. Coli
Main author: Magalys Campos
Summary: PNK is a modification enzyme essential in biotechnology, mainly in processes of study, cloning and synthesis of new genes. In Cuba, it became necessary to obtain the recombinant clone of this gene, which was amplified by PCR, and cloned under an expression promoter. This way, there were achieved high expression levels of the protein; that is why this result is the first and only report in scientific literature, which deals with how to obtain recombinant genes of high genic stability and biological activity of this enzyme in E. coli. This scientific result demonstrated that it is possible the expression of this gene in bacteria, without any toxic effects for the bacterial host; and that the gene’s destruction by the bacteria (reported by North American researchers) can be avoided if the gene is manipulated before the cloning process. Through the modification of the original procedure, the enzyme was purified with the use of ionic exchange chromatography of Sephadex (high flow) and Fosfocelulosa (P11). It was used TSK -3000 in HPLC as last purification step. The quality and stability of the recombinant PNK has allowed substituting completely the imports of this product in the CIGB. It has been widely used by researchers from this center and other 13 Cuban research centers, and it was also used in three hospitals of the country. 12 countries are some of the foreign consumers of this enzyme. The PNK’s obtained quality is endorsed by the Assistant Manager of Quality Control of the CIGB, and it is comparable, in every possible parameter -purity, stability and segurity-, with the leading product in the world market, of “Biolabs” company. It is one of the most rentable restriction-modification enzymes produced in the CIGB. Its economic, scientific and social repercussion is also manifiested in the scientific achievements reached by the projects in which it has been used, in health sectors, industry and feeding. It was possible knowing the determining character of PNK for the experimental solution of scientific results of great national and international importance.