(1951 - )
Directora General del Instituto "Finlay", Centro de Investigación y Producción de Vacunas y Sueros. Es una de las creadoras de VA-MENGOC-BC, la primera y única vacuna en el mundo con eficacia comprobada contra el meningococo tipo B.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
1998 | LIGMED-A: Natural polimeric antidiarrheal.
Main executives entity: Research Union-Production of Bagasse Cellulose Cuba-9. (1)
Other entities: National Center of Farming Sanity (CENSA) (2), Center for Research and Development of Drugs. (2), Universidad de la Habana (UH) (3)
Main author: Rolando Cruz Suárez, del (1).
Coauthors: José M. Figueredo from (2).

The result consists on the development of LIGMED-A antidiarrheal, from the lignin found in the residues from the production of chemical bagasse pulps. This product has been the object of a complete evaluation that includes: preclinical studies; tolerance test in pigs, ovines and bovines; toxicity test; measuring of possible mutagenic effects; trials of stability in shelf; clinical trials as antidiarrheal in breeding pigs and nursing calves; dose study; germicidal capacity and catcher power of free radicals. The obtained information was presented to the registration of veterinary products and it was obtained its approval with the number 196 from 1996, as well as the permission for its production and free sale. During 1997, it was carried out a reinspection and the Registration was ratified.

There were carried out technological studies for its obtaining and climbing at a pilot plant level. It was designed and built a plant of 5 t/a, which started its commercial production in 1996, once the requirements of veterinary Registration were fulfilled. During 1997, it has been produced 1 ton that is being marketed through the C-Kure Firm from the National Center for Agricultural Sanity (CENSA). The Registration has been presented in Mexico and Colombia.

The importance of this result, lies in the availability that offers to the country by providing a very effective antidiarrhea medicine of veterinarian use, avoiding antibiotics use for the treatment of this pathology.