(1903 - 1964)
Físico y químico francés, gran amigo de Cuba. Su aporte principal a la ciencia estuvo relacionado con la agricultura y la ganadería, fue mundialmente conocido por su tesis sobre el pastoreo intensivo.
Biomedical Sciences
1999 | Cyto-protective effect of aliphatic alcohols of high molecular weight extracted from beeswax.
Main author: Daisy Carbajal.

This work contributes to the knowledge of pharmacological activity of aliphatic alcohols of high molecular weight extracted from beeswax, discovering a pharmacological action undescribed before: its anti-ulcerous effect. It was demonstrated through the studies carried out, that this product has a moderate anti inflammatory effect without affecting the gastrointestinal mucosa, fact which differs from the characteristic profile of antinflammatoriy nonsteroidal drugs.

Many pre-clinical pharmacological studies were carried out in order to evaluate its possible anti-ulcerous effect in models of induced ulcer by different necrotizing agents such as ethanol and HCI, facing nonsteroidal antinflammatories such as ASA and indomethacin and in ulcers caused by stress and pylorus ligature.

The achieved results demonstrated that D-002 oral administration in rats protected the gastric mucosa in the different tested models. On the other hand, it was demonstrated that this anti-ulcerous effect was produced by a dosis in which gastric acidity was not affected. This suggested a cyto-protective mecanism which is given by an evident increase of defense factors such as mucus’ quantity and quality as well as a reduction of agresive factors like lipidic peroxidation of mucus y thromboxane B2 levels. It was also demonstrated the protective effect of the colon mucosa in ulcerative colitis.

This product has patents given in Cuba and Japan and 5 publications in important magazines: J. Pharm. Pharmacology (3), Pharmacological Research y Prostaglandins Leucotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids.