(1898 - 1977)
Abogado y escritor. Brillante intelectual marxista y luchador social. Aportó valiosas obras como poeta, latinoamericanista y martiano. El Consejo Mundial de la Paz le otorgó las Medallas de Plata y de Oro Joliot Curie, en 1959 y 1966, respectivamente.
Biomedical Sciences
1999 | Scientific, economic, epidemiological and social impact of the program for tuberculosis control in Cuba.
Main author: Edilberto González Ochoa.

The work reflects many years of the authors' fruitful work dedicated to the important activity of tuberculosis control in our country's health, who are publishing the results from their valuable experiences on this thematic since 1972, (8 articles, 1 international article, 1 manual to prepare the personnel that works in the National Program for Tuberculosis Control in Cuba).

The authors' activity has contributed in an important way in the development of the National Program for Tuberculosis Control in Cuba, and its references have been accepted and adopted by other countries. This shows this work's success. Its results have contributed to the international programs of OMS/OPS for the international control of tuberculosis in the world.

The preparation of the manual should be considered as an important contribution because of the personnel's facilities for its training.

In general, this work constitutes a very important contribution to the knowledge of tuberculosis disease, to its true diagnosis, to its evolution, to its treatment in the current moments of scientific development of medicine, and to the most important aspect: its prevention and control for coexistent persons and people in general.

It was considered the reduction percentage of the new cases' incidence and those infected by tuberculosis from 1965 to 1996, as well as the potential and rescued years of life in a long period of 166 439 years.

From 1965 to 1996 494.9 million pesos were saved coming from the saved amount by treatments (2.8 millions), hospitalizations (409,3 millions) and subsidies (82.8 millions) which were not paid.

The application of TAES (Strategy of Strictly Supervised Shortened Treatment) reduced the incidence of TB in 5% year from 1979 to 1991.

It was observed the poor recognition of cough as a discriminating disease symptom. It became evident the overvaluation of rest, overfeeding and hospitalization in order to achieve the cure.

It was also evidenced the excess of value given to BCG vaccine as a protective measure for the disease.