(1838 - 1904)
Zoólogo, botánico y médico. Desarrolló una amplia labor en la Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de La Habana. Autor de un depurado estilo literario, dio a conocer numerosas contribuciones científicas.
Natural and Exact Sciences
1999 | Original system for cryogenic measurements of electromagnetic properties in superconductors of high temperature and other materials
Main author: Luis Eduardo Flores, Carlos Martínez y Claro Noda.

The result stands out for both the novelty and high technology of the developed technique, as for the results at international level to which its use has given place.

It is about a multipurpose measurement system that possesses electronic design elements conceptually novel inside the magnetic measurements and transport elements in materials to low temperatures. The installation has been totally developed in Cuba, being demonstrated its transcendency and originality in three publications in prestigious international magazines such as: Cryogenics, Review of Scientific Instruments and Measurements in Science and Technology.

  • Dynamic control for the direct measurement of transport critical current in superconductors.
  • Automatic system for the direct and continuous measurement of the irreversibility line in high temperature superconductors. A multichannel technique that finds the averages of current-voltage measurements in high temperature superconductors.

The novelty and originality embrace the development of electronic equipment, the construction of the system's cryogenic section and several programs in Turbo Pascal and Borland Delphi. This system permits more than nine different characterizations of superconductor material's behaviour, three of them reported for the first time.

The new results reached by the authors when characterizing high temperature superconductors with this system, are as important as the above-mentioned. The scientific contributions have been reported in four publications in prestigious indexed magazines: two in Physica C, one in Superconductor Science and Technology and another in Physical Review B, one of the most prestigious magazines in Physics. This last work was also subject of review in the international bulletin "High Tc Update", by the University of Iowa, and which is practically spreaded to all those who work in the field of high temperature superconductors.

In addition, the developed system has also been used to characterize magnetoresistive materials, solar cells and weldings in special steels; which constitutes a technical scientific service. This work has given rise to five master's degree theses, and last year it received a prize from the University of Havana (UH).