(1864 - 1942)
Doctor en Medicina. Introductor y maestro de la Radiología y la Fisioterapia en Cuba. Sus méritos profesionales contribuyeron a prestigiar la campaña que emprendió desde París, en defensa de la gloria de Finlay.
Natural and Exact Sciences
1999 | Obtaining and characterizing ferroelectric ceramics for pyroelectric sensors
Main author: Francisco Calderón Piñar.

This prize proposal is related to obtain, characterize and apply piezoelectric ceramics based on lead zirconate-titanate (PZT) and lead titanate (PT) with new ranges of chemical composition.

This research presents novel scientific results in new materials’ field and in particular in piezoelectric ceramics’ field. There were studied diverse compositions of PZT and modified PT ceramics, being evaluated the structural, dielectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, ferroelectric properties; ac answer; the influence of preparation methods and possible applications as pyroelectric sensors. There were analyzed the compositions that were not previously reported in literature. There were obtained 6 different compositions with favorable properties to be applied.

These studies have allowed developing prototypes of infrared radiation sensors for measuring the energy of pulsed lasers in collaboration with the Center of Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN). The result is gathered in eleven publications (1997-1999) in specialized magazines with arbitrage. (Journal of Material Science Letters, Ferroelectrics, High Temperatures High Pressures, Journal of Materials Research, Solid State Communications, Journal of European Ceramic Society, Mexican Magazine of Physics). The results have also been communicated in three scientific events and they gave rise to a master's and doctorate theses. It should be pointed out that the International Center for X Rays Diffraction Data (ICDD) sent a letter to the authors requesting the developed compound data, so that they are included in the Power Difraction File published by this international institution.