(1808 - 1889)
Inventor italiano. Considerado como uno de los pioneros de la comunicación telefónica por vía eléctrica. Vivió en La Habana entre los años de 1834 y 1850, donde realizó sus primeros experimentos telefónicos.
Technical Sciences
1999 | "Conception and design of engineering systems for the preparation and decision n-making under multiple criteria”.
Main author: José Arzola Ruiz.

The theoretical foundations of this work are very rigorous. The consequent application of a strong mathematical treatment, supported by the Theory of systems, the Research of Operations, Theory of decisions and others, is the base on which its arguments rest. There are novelties in the application focus and the way in which the author approaches his implementation, even when there are not theoretical novelties.

The results obtained in this work include contributions in the theoretical plane of technical sciences applied to the design of engineering systems, such as the decomposition principles of the complex direction tasks and analysis of direction system by tasks, the mathematical solution in the optimization of decisions, the novel focus for the reconciliation of decisions among systems with different level of structural organization and in the preparation and decision making by indicators, calculable (formalized) and subjectively evaluated (not formalized), the formulation and elaboration of solution methods of the task to select proposals and its generalization and others.

The practical connotation lies, among other aspects, in the universality of application of the created engineering systems. The solutions to the most diverse tasks (CAD Systems) for the optimal multi-purpose design of forge tools in dies, optimal design of welding technology by explosion, optimal design of polymetallic mineral's lixiviation process, CAPP System for the generation of machining technologies in lathes with CNC, CAD System for the optimal multi-purpose design of shearing and piercing dies, CAD/CAPP System for the optimal multi-purpose design and production of air-conditioning conduit nets, optimal Design of thermal regimes of cathodic heating ovens, etc., are not only enough for their number, but also for the technological contributions and economic benefits, which are more than eloquent.

The application in teaching has been wide and intense. The results have been introduced in the contents of important subjects in pre-degree study plans and it has been imparted in different graduate degrees and applied in a great number of doctoral topics. The book "Selection of proposals" has been published with a criticism prize in 1990, granted by the Cuban Institute of the Book (ICL) and the Sciences Academy of Cuba (ACC), which is being prepared in its second improved and increased edition. The book System of Engineering is approved and in edition plan.