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Directora General del Instituto "Finlay", Centro de Investigación y Producción de Vacunas y Sueros. Es una de las creadoras de VA-MENGOC-BC, la primera y única vacuna en el mundo con eficacia comprobada contra el meningococo tipo B.
Biomedical Sciences
1999 | New type of indication of recombinant alfa-2b Interferon as antifibrotic: intralesional use in Peyronie's disease .
Main author: Miguel de la Cruz y Amaurys del Rio Martín.

It provides new knowledge in the inhibition of fibro-genesis that mediates penis lesions in Peyronie’s disease, which etiology has not been well specified.

This entity affects men, mostly with an active sexual life, causing serious repercussions in the patient's biological, psychological and social spheres; the current state of the scientific-technical knowledge has not offered an effective treatment. For this reason, the results obtained with recombinant alpha 2b interferon create an important improvement expectation in this illness' symptoms and the patient's sexual and psico-social behaviour.

It constitutes an original contribution with significant scientific and human repercussion for the reasons previously exposed. It exemplifies a research to complete cycle with a solid basic - clinic correlation in the context of the development of biotechnology and Cuban medicine

In the presented casuistry, it is evidenced a higher effectiveness in comparison to other used therapeutic modalities.

The work was accepted by the Center for National Control of the Quality of Medicines (CECMED) in noviembre, 1999, as well as its publication in the Spanish Urology Records.