(1877 - 1971)
Botánico. Destacado científico que dedicó su vida a estudiar e interpretar la naturaleza cubana y a buscar nuevas fuentes de riquezas naturales; su mayor aporte a la ciencia lo constituyen sus estudios acerca de las plantas medicinales.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
1999 | Physiological and biochemical bases of subglutinans-pineapple fusarium interaction and their implication in genetic cultivation improvement.
Main author: Ramón Santos, Orlando Borras Hidalgo y Raúl Tapia Tusell.

It approaches the study of a disease that even when now is not a problem in pineapple production, is a potential danger for the current obtaining strategy of a fruit of high economic interest.

In this work, it is analyzed the production of phytotoxic activity during the microorganism growth, the phytotoxity of mushroom extracts, the partial purification of raw filtrates and their role in the development of this disease, the production kinetics of fusaric acid and extracellular proteins, the methodology for the precocious selection of the resistance to fusariosis with the use of Concentrated Raw Filtrates (FCC) as selection agent, and the establishment in a system for the precocious selection of the resistance to fusariosis at the organ level and in vitro.

The results demonstrated that the mushroom produces a non specific toxin, fusaric acid; but also different patterns of proteins that play an important role in the differential expression of the symptoms when being trialed next to the toxin in genotypes that vary in its degree of resistance and susceptibility to the disease. For the first time, it is established a system for the precocious selection of resistance to fusariosis in pineapple cultivation, using cultivation raw filtrates of the microorganism and partially purified metabolites of the pathogen, with a high in vitro and live system correlation.

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