(1860 - 1912)
Médico. Su obra científica en el campo de la Urología lo consagra como uno de los más importantes especialistas de esa disciplina a escala mundial. Innovó y perfeccionó la técnica instrumental, contribuyendo a preservar la salud de pacientes con afecciones renales.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
1999 | Methodology for the isolation and characterization of vegetal growth promoting rhizobacteria
Main author: Annia Hernández.

The use of vegetal growth promoting rhizobacteria in agriculture is a practice on the increase during the last decades, due to the benefits they are able to produce on plants. During the last years in Cuba, the development of different research regarding isolation, selection and application of microorganisms in agriculture have been favored in order to divelop effective biopreparations for crops of agricultural interest, seeking the replacement of Modern Agriculture by Organic Agriculture, which supports agricultural systems sustainability from the productive, ecological, economic and social perspective

This work, titled “ Methodology for the isolation and characterization of vegetal growth promoting rhizobacteria”, takes several working years during which a detailed study on isolation, identification and characterization of rhizobacteria was developed, where morphological and cultural tests were taken into account, serological methods and molecular biology techniques were used, physiological characterization of Silicagel to determine purity was developed and bacterium-plant interaction studies were made, while verifying this methodology in crops such as corn, rice, wheat, potato, tomato, and ornamental plants. Finally, information is given on the economic contributions of using this methodology compared to the traditional methods. A total of 70 bacterial strains of corn rhizosphere and 19 of raice strain rhizosphere were isolated

The scientific production comprises writing 12 scientific articles, 9 of them for Journal of Tropical Crops from the National Institute de Agricultural Science (INCA) and 3 of them for Latin American Journal of Microbiology edited in Mexico

Results were presented in 12 scientific events, where 4 of them were international ones. Four thesis have been defended (2 qualified and 2 master´s) while 3 doctorate thesis are being executed