(1860 - 1912)
Médico. Su obra científica en el campo de la Urología lo consagra como uno de los más importantes especialistas de esa disciplina a escala mundial. Innovó y perfeccionó la técnica instrumental, contribuyendo a preservar la salud de pacientes con afecciones renales.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
1999 | Insertion of new varieties and their impact on sugar production in Holguín province
Main author: Alberto Argota Zayas.

Through the present result it is done an assesment of precedents helping the development of recomendation of new sugarcane varieties in Holguín province as well as an analysis of the evolution developed by its varietal composition during the current decade, as a consequence of the insertion of new varieties in the last 15 years. The replacement of Ja60-5 by C120-78 as the main commercial variety was materializaed, having the last one greater productive potential and better phytopathological behavior, the stabilization as commercial variety of C266-70 and C1051-73, as well as the insertion of C86- 503, which has become the second regional variety with more 34 825 planted hectares; which, along with the varieties C90-501, C86-12 and C90-530, recommended in the period 1997-1998, will give the greater influence on the region sugar production in 2002. These results have allowed to increase the industry yields and decrease area percent affected by rust and coal, which has directly influenced the productive achievements of the province during the last for sugarcane harvests.

This province has had productive achievement in the last four year, placing itself among the greater producers of sugarcane and sugar at national level. It has been estimated that, due to the vaietal structure replacement, the province has achieved an annual increase of 36.8 millions @ of sugarcane and 37.58 thousands of tons of sugar per year, which represents an economic income of 10.69 millions USD per year, since the sugarcane harvest 95-96 up to date.

We are in front of a deep and comprehensive work having a broad economic and scientific impact. The creation of a group of genotype previously established in a minimum period of time brought about a recognized contribution to knowledge on progenitors determined to crosses and novel criteria applied in the selective process and its broad generalization of genotypes in such a short period of time, hence the proposal to be awarded./p>