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Abogado y escritor. Brillante intelectual marxista y luchador social. Aportó valiosas obras como poeta, latinoamericanista y martiano. El Consejo Mundial de la Paz le otorgó las Medallas de Plata y de Oro Joliot Curie, en 1959 y 1966, respectivamente.
Biomedical Sciences
1999 | Battery of computarized tasks for cognitive exploration of reading.
Main author: Vivian Reigosa Crespo y María Cecilia Pérez.

It is described in this work the design of B.T.L. a battery of computerized tasks for evaluating the implied processes in reading adquisition.

Reading disorders are one of the most important causes of learning difficulties and they affect a high percentage of school age children. There are evaluated in the battery, processes such as phonological and syntactic knowledge, semantic memory, visual perception, mechanisms decoders of written word and reader efficiency. The computarized design of B.T.L. allowed including video games, which guarantees appropriate levels of child's motivation during the evaluation. This battery was also adjusted to our linguistic and cultural peculiarities.

Subsequently, it was carried out a standarization study for Cuban children of primary school age. All the tasks of B.T.L. are able to capture the changes that occur with age in the development of the explored processes. After that, it was carried out a reliability study of this instrument that shows appropriate indicators of internal consistency of the conforming tasks. It was also carried out a B.T.L. validity study in relation to its diagnostic function.

This battery offers a cognitive profile of the bad reader child that identifies the probable causes of his deficiency. The nature of the found profiles was noticeable heterogeneous. The conclusion is that there exist different subtypes of bad reader children. This result has special relevance for psychopedagogic treatment.

This work has a software development combination guaranteed by two registers granted by the Center for National Control of the Quality of Medicines (CECMED), and a national and an international publication.