(1825 - 1919)
Meteorólogo. Precursor en Cuba de las investigaciones en ese campo, dedicó gran parte de su actividad científica a la Zoología, la Geografía y la Etnología. Como geógrafo elaboró en 1848 un Atlas con 28 mapas litografiados para las escuelas primarias que fue el primero de su tipo impreso en Cuba
Social Sciences and Humanities
2000 | Religion and social change. The religious Cuban field in the nineties
Main author: Jorge Ramirez Calzadilla.
Coauthors: Aurelio Alonso Tejada, Juana Berges Curbelo, Anibal Arguelles Mederos, Ileana Hodge Limonta, Ofelia Pérez Cruz, Ana Celia Perera Pintado, Andrea Morales Mesa, Annete del Rey Roa, Yalexy Castañeda Mache, Sonia Jiménez Berrios.

The presented work analyzes Cuban religious scenario in the nineties and values from a sociopsychological and political perspective, the changes that take place on it, in accordance with the socioeconomic conditions created by the so-called "special period".

By means of the study of the different and complex factors that influence on the modifications that take place in the religious field, the authors unravel the interrelation that exists among Religion - Subjectivity - Society.

The theoretical methodological instrument that supported the conception and execution of the work, together to an extensive land work and the consultation of a wide bibliography, guaranteed the scientific character of the previous result.

The socioreligious characterization of Cuban believer, in addition to the definition of the heterogeneous content that qualifies his projections toward society and political relationships, confer to the topic wich was subject of study, a creative and original approach.

The final result provides in integrating, coherent and accessible way, an excellent diagnosis of the religious situation in Cuba, defining the role played by its different institutions in the present, as well as the future projection that these can assume under the influence of national and international factors.

Its introduction in the social practice is accredited by 18 publications, 19 educational activities, 41 events of national and international character as well as by references emitted by the Attention Office of Religious Affairs from the Central Committee, and the Provincial Committee of the Party from Havana City.