(1822 - 1895)
Ingeniero español. Miembro fundador de la Real Academia de Ciencias Médicas, Físicas y Naturales de la Habana, en 1861, donde presentó la mayor parte de los resultados de la labor de investigación realizada durante su residencia en Cuba.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2000 | Peter Pan Operation. A case of psychological war against Cuba
Main executives entity: Center of Historical Research of the State Security, University of Havana (UH)
Main author: Ramón Torreira Crespo y José Buajasán Marrawi.

It is awarded a prize to the investigation that bases this case, since it is a novel contribution that makes an appreciable quantity of primary documentary sources available to historians, sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists, among which the most outstanding are: valuable secret reports from the State Security of Cuban Republic, sixty unpublished files of individuals processed by the Cuban Judicial Instruction, fifteen reports recently declassified by the government of the United States and fifty seven interviews to persons who offered their testimonies and were directly implied in the object of the investigation. It also uses profusely the information given by Cuban and North American publicist sources of difficult access, for example "La Quincena" Catholic newspaper. The general bibliography is profuse and updated.

The primary and secondary sources which were mentioned, have been consistently and accessibly organized, without losing scientific rigor.

Its greater importance lies in the supply of exhaustve information about an unprecedented fact in Cuban history: the emigration of 14 000 Cuban children to the United States in a short period of time, and the demonstration of the ideological manipulation developed in order to achieve this aim.

It is useful because it puts the indispensable sources to analize this fact from many angles, at social scientists’ disposal.