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Natural and Exact Sciences
2000 | Cuban contribution to the development of manufacturing technologies of solar cells and photodetectors from monocrystalline silicon
Main author: Guillermo Santana Rodríguez.
Coauthors: Luis M. Hernández García and Andrés Martell Arbelo

The authors have developed own scientific methods in Cuba, as a base for the development of the production technology of solar cells and photodetectors from monocrystalline silicon; taking as a starting point the study of optoelectronic properties of several semiconductor structures, obtained by diverse methods, as parts of a solar cell or a photodetector, in order to move forward in this field at an international level, and to introduce them in photodetectors production, electronic industry and defense.

These are, essentially, five remarkable results for the production of solar cells and photodetectors:

  • 1- Study of interfaces in monocrystalline silicon solar cells and their recombination speeds.
  • 2- Study and development of physical and technological processes to apply to solar cells production with contacts deposited by "electroless" nickel. Technological letters for their transfer to industry.
  • 3- Implementation of a Cuban method, at industrial level, for the production of photodetectors and for their use in photodiodes arrays.
  • 4 - Obtaining and applying photodiodes on the base of monocrystalline silicon for technological photodetector development
  • 5- Development of new photodetector heterostructures to obtain low cost and very efficient devices.

The results appear in 22 publications, 18 of them in magazines of international level.

The main objective of these works is to improve physical and optoelectronic properties of the devices obtained. In the case of solar cells, the main objective of these researches is to improve the efficiency of transforming solar energy into electric energy, as well as to diminish the effects that contribute to efficiency degradation in the course of time. The results obtained have contributed to increase our knowledge on Cuban photovoltaic nascent industry and to world scientific development in the field of solar cells.