(1838 - 1904)
Zoólogo, botánico y médico. Desarrolló una amplia labor en la Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de La Habana. Autor de un depurado estilo literario, dio a conocer numerosas contribuciones científicas.
Technical Sciences
2000 | “Basic environmental indicators to design highways on sustainable bases".
Main author: Haydee Álvarez Goris.

Road works, whether highways, railroads or aerodromes, although are indispensable for the economic and social development, have a big influence on the landscape and the atmosphere. An appropriate environmental handling, since its conception, including the multicriteria valuation of its possible effects on the environment, (noise, noxious gases, destruction of habitats, barriers) is able to conjugate necessities and environmental quality, incorporating elements or emending deficiencies of the project. Road works are expensive, and they are executed to achieve accessibility to objectives of development. But the ecological damage can overcome the prospective benefits, and even its non-realization is able to recommend a study of environmental impact on scientific bases. That is why this work has economic, social and scientific importance.

The result presented is a contribution to the heritage of road engineering and environmental protection. It has ecological, social and scientific impact. Its relevance consists on the creation of a system of basic indicators to evaluate the environmental impact of road infrastructures, and a very useful method for its use in undergraduate and graduate courses.

The National Center of Highway Administration of the Ministry of Transport (MITRANS), rector of the National System of Highways, has endorsed the use of the methodology created by Dr. Haydee Álvarez in the access project of the National Freeway to Havana City. It has also been used in the project of Cayo Coco's new airport, the new terminal of "José Martí" Airport, Varadero and others. It is a useful design for highways in ecologically sensitive areas."

The author has presented reports related with the subject in 17 national and international events. The most outstanding are: IV Interamerican Congress on Environment, Venezuela, 1997; Seminar "Integrated Strategies for Safety and Environment. Transport, Environment and Safety", Finland, 1998; First Euro American Meeting of Environmental Highway Groups, Argentina, 1999 and VI Interamerican Congress on Environment, Mexico, 1999.

The author has contributed with her experiences and her works as a representative from Cuba in the C14 Committee of Environment of the International Association of Highways (PIARC), being also member of the Committees of experts on environment in the country.