(1797 - 1879)
Sociólogo, historiador y economista. Se destacó por su postura opuesta a la esclavitud y contra la anexión de Cuba a los Estados Unidos.
Technical Sciences
2000 | "Contribution to spillways and intake work project ".
Main author: Del (1) Rafael Pardo Gómez y Evio Alegret Breña.
Coauthors: From (2) Esther M. García Carreras and Luis Rosete Gamboa.

The work is formed by the group of methodology, abaci, graphics, equations and practical criteria for the hydraulic design of three types of spillways, an energy sink, intake work and lineal supercritical transitions located at the foot of front ogees, as well as a text book that includes all that have been already said and that was approved as text of “Spillways and Intake Work" subject of Hydraulic Engineering degree course.

In 35 years of continued work, the group of hydraulics laboratories of the Center of Hydraulic Research (CIH) of the Higher Technical Institute "José Antonio Echeverría" (ISPJAE), responsible for the necessary answers to develop the works and hydraulic systems that the country required, has developed works to answer more than 150 coming applications mainly from the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) and the Ministry of Sugar (MINAZ). It is outstanding that these works have been validated by our climate's inclemencies, and therefore the works made in this stage have been subjected to big floods and winds caused by the step of many hurricanes, and there were not damages due to deficiencies attributable to the results given by the laboratory.

The solutions required scientific work, and many times there was coincidence among them in most of the cases. That is why these aspects and the experience accumulated imposed the development of systematic researches that became deep scientific works with important contributions in the field of hydraulics as a science.