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Technical Sciences
2000 | “Experimental theoretical study of the load capacity of the sugar cane harvester frame".
Main executives entity: University of Holguín (1) , "LX Aniversario de la Revolución de Octubre " Enterprise (2)
Main author: Roberto Estrada Cingualbres, del (1).
Coauthors: From (1) Reemberto Sánchez Alonso, Anatoli Androsov, Julio Sanfort Navarro, Arnoldo Martínez, José Soberats, Ramón Tamayo; from (3) Julio N. Pérez Guerrero; from (4) Carlos Sánchez Marín, Rafael Pérez Pupo, Fernando Labeque, Ricardo Guetón Rico, Joaquín Domínguez Álvarez, Isidoro Polanco Aballe.

In the work presented, it is carried out the study of the load capacity of sugar cane harvester's main frame in Cuba, of KTP series, and there are obtained design solutions to overcome the problems that it has presented for many years.

There were used as research techniques, the theoretical-experimental analysis methods, the finite elements method and the extensiometric method of tension and deformation measurement. At the same time, there were used optimization techniques. The external loads of extreme value on the harvester's structure were determined in experimental measurements carried out on an obstacle course for agricultural equipment, the first one of that kind of our country.

In this work, it was developed a methodology for the synthesis of the harvester's carrying structure, which the country did not have and which was one of the scientific novelties of this work. Also, there were obtained monograms and equations from an optimization model of the rectangular profiles of thin walls, for the minimization of their traverse section's area. It is another scientific novelty of this work.

These are the results of ten years of research, and they are applied in new or reconstructed KTP machines since 1998. The modifications introduced in the back part of the harvester's main frame starting from the results of the work and according to the evaluations carried out in the sugar cane harvest 1997-98; reduce cane losses in the transporter's trunk in 50%. It is expected once this work is generalized, that almost two million dollars are saved every year. There was also, as additional effect, a reduction of 36 Kg. in the harvester's weight. It should lead to an annual steel saving higher than 7 000 Kg. in the consumption of the factory.

The results of this work have been presented in many events carried out in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Spain, from 1992 to date. A national article was published in the Machinery Construction magazine in 1988, and there are two articles accepted to be published in the Cuban magazine Agricultural Technical Sciences. The researches that were used as a base to this work have a complex, multilateral and detailed character.