(1923 - 2001)
Médico oftalmólogo. Notable científico, conocido internacionalmente por haber concebido un nuevo tratamiento para la retinosis pigmentaria.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2001 | The triangular conflict of the economic conomictof the reinsertions process of Cuba on an international scale
Main executives entity: University of Havana (UH)
Main author: Esteban Morales Domínguez.

In 2000, it won the Prize to the Best Published Scientific Book given by the University of Havana (UH) and the Prize to the Best Published Scientific Article, about the content of this book.

This is an updated book that refers Cuba-USA relationships during the 19th and the 20th centuries. Part of the ripe fruit thesis, made by Thomas Jefferson at the beginning of the 19th century, continues with Cuban relationships, Spanish and North American colony during the second half of this century, it critically describes Cuba-USA relationships during the neo-colony (1898-1959) and ends with a deep study on these relationships in the revolutionary stage from 1959 to 1999.

It studies these relationships with relevant and current problems, with wide and correct consideration of the variables involved in the process. The expositive structure is appropriate and the exhibition has demonstrative solidity.

It presents a novel integral approach about these relationships, especially from the victory of Cuban Revolution, making particular emphasis in the cold post-war. It exposes the aspects of this conflict's influence on the internal economic policy of USA, and of the overcoming of Cuban economic crisis. It analyzes in depth the promulgation of laws with extraterritorial effect by the USA, in order to reinforce the blockade to Cuba: Cuban Democratic Act, Torricelli-1992, Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act, Helm-Burton-1996. It demonstrates great scientific rigor in the research carried out and in the conclusions reached.

It is very original and novel the triangular approach of Cuba-USA relationships, with the different areas of the planet: Latin America, Europe and Asia.