(1903 - 1964)
Físico y químico francés, gran amigo de Cuba. Su aporte principal a la ciencia estuvo relacionado con la agricultura y la ganadería, fue mundialmente conocido por su tesis sobre el pastoreo intensivo.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2001 | New contributions to the processes of oxidation-reduction, ionic exchange and the formation of adducts and complexes by mechanochemical reactions
Main author: José Fernández Bertrán.

There are reported the results of more than 10 years of work in the description of reactions in solid state, such as:

1. Reduction on ferricyanides and the cause of their reactivity;

2. Obtaining a cobalt ferricyanide compound of mixed valence as photosensitive molecular magneto;

3. The inclusion of tetramethylammonium cation in the cubic net of alkaline ferricyanides, where it acts as zeolite;

4. Obtaining bromothionite, new compound similar to chlorothionite (volcanic material);

5. The ionic exchange of alkaline fluorides with other alkaline halides, mainly with potassium bromide;

6. The reactions of protonic transfer between alkaline fluorides and acid substances;

7. The transformation of hemin molecule by exchange of chloride ion for fluoride, which increases their biodisponibility;

8. Formation of sugar complexes with alkaline haluros in which the union force is fluoride's hydrogen link;

9. Formation of adducts and complexes with organic nitrogenous bases.

This work is a true contribution to solid state's chemical reactions, which have been less studied in liquid phase through the use of mechanochemistry, since there are carried out:

a) new redox reactions;

b) new ionic exchange reactions;

c) new reactions to produce compounds with elements in mixed valence state.

It corrected the publications that were wrong in the interpretation of infrared spectra, and the contribution to these reactions' mechanism has been profusely mentioned in specialized literature in this subject, especially the publication in Hyperfine Interactions magazine.

This work is endorsed by more than 15 international publications; 11 of them were published in the last 4 years in magazines such as Solid State Ionics, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, etc, very prestigious in the subject. Also, it has been presented in different congresses, in Cuba, Mexico and United States.