(1951 - )
Directora General del Instituto "Finlay", Centro de Investigación y Producción de Vacunas y Sueros. Es una de las creadoras de VA-MENGOC-BC, la primera y única vacuna en el mundo con eficacia comprobada contra el meningococo tipo B.
Biomedical Sciences
2001 | Emergence of Echovirus 16 as causal agent of the epidemic of viral meningoencephalitis.
Main author: Luis Sarmiento Pérez y Pedro Más Lago

From April to September in 2000, it took place in Cuba a meningoencephalitis epidemic that affected all the provinces of the country, with 16,943 reported cases. Echovirus 16 was identified as causal agent of the epidemic. The scientific transcendency of the work lies in the fact that Echovirus 16 was reported, for the first time in the world, the causal agent of the epidemic of viral meningoencephalitis. This exposes the necessity to consider this agent in the differential diagnosis of viral meningoencephalitis patients and leads to know better this pathology.

The work was carried out with scientific-methodological rigor and it is well structured. It has publications in prestigious magazines, and a written recognition by the editor of Emerging infectious diseases magazine, who thanked for the original work being remitted to them.

It has social impact in the field of health, at national and at international level, alerting the international medical community to this infectious agent able to cause meningoencephalitis epidemics, which was not known before.