(1877 - 1971)
Botánico. Destacado científico que dedicó su vida a estudiar e interpretar la naturaleza cubana y a buscar nuevas fuentes de riquezas naturales; su mayor aporte a la ciencia lo constituyen sus estudios acerca de las plantas medicinales.
Technical Sciences
2001 | “Tools for the analysis of scientific and technological opportunities”
Main executives entity: "Carlos J. Finlay" Institute
Main author: Gilberto R. Sotolongo-Aguilar.

This work deals with the application, for the first time in Cuba, of artificial neuronal networks techniques to the bibliography information analysis as part of a high complexity computing system (MOBIS - ProSoft). The latter constitutes an open modular system based on different proprietary softwares, which allow:

  • The search and retrieval of bibliographic information,
  • file processing and conversion,
  • database elaboration and management,
  • the obtention of indicators which can be shown in the form of tables and scientific-technological maps.

This methodology allowed the development of a system for the analysis of scientific and technological information competitive as compared with foreign similar systems such as VantagePoint and Aureka System, available in the market at a very high cost (and which in the opininion of the Scientific Council of the Finlay Institute. , can amount to two million dollars without including the user’s training).

This methodology has been published by at least 16 journals and reviews, some of them of high international reputation and has been presented in 37 Technical and Scientific Events, 5 of them held abroad. The following documents are enclosed with the presented file:

  • Written guarantees by the Cuban Office of Industrial Property (OCPI) and the Cuban Oil Enterprise (CUPET),  
  • Training requests by different national institutions in the use of developed tools,  
  • Quality certificates of the developed tools by several foreing academic institutions.

In our opinion, it has been developed a novel technology for the analysis of bibliographic information with the application of artificial neuronal networks from which a Computing System competing advantageouly with foreign similar systems has been elaborated. Acceptance in the national market and the interest shown by foreign academic institutions guarantee the quality of this work.