(1953 - )
Autor principal de la vacuna de antígeno sintético contra el Haemöphilus influenzae tipo b (Hib), causante de la mitad de las infecciones bacterianas que padecen los niños menores de cinco años.
Technical Sciences
2001 | "Vibrations and noise engineering: Development and contributions to Cuban economy “.
Main author: Evelio Palomino Marín.

The work includes the research carried out during the last 30 years in relation to the development of vibration engineering, mainly through its application to the assesment of the technical state of service and industrial facilities, as well as to the reduction of noise and vibration impact in environmental pollution and the improvement of confort of different kind of facilities.

The work started on 1970, when through a UNESCO Project, The Applied Mechanics Department received an important donation of instruments and equipment for the measurement and control of vibrations and noise, establishing this way a lab without precedent up to that date.

The scientific novelty of the work lies in their contribution to the conception, development and the very application of computing systems for vibration analysis and measurement used in the execution of more than 20 trials in order to determine the technical state of rotatory machines in industrial facilities. Also novel the development of an impact hammer for impulsive dynamic tests of mechanical systems and the related experimental methods as well as the software for the identification of the dynamic parameters described by such systems. Likewise, procedures for the calibration of devices to measure vibrations and noise have been developed, through which and with the integration of the systems previously refered to, 12 types of transductors developed by the Revolutionary Navy have been characterized as well as systems for dynamic measurements used at Revolutionary Armed Forces Research Centers.

The novel contributions of this work have been applied at Research Centers, Medicine Production Centers, Tourist and Health Facilities, Basic, Food, Fishing, Construction Materials, Metal and Mechanics and Sugar Industries, as well as in the Revolutionary Armed Forces.  

Based on this, the authors have consolidated a level of scientific knowledge which have been collected in two text books, ten monographs, 90 scientific articles and 50 technical notes published by national and international reviews and show the results of the group in the last 30 years. The Standardization Technical Committee for Vibrations and Acoustics of the Republic of Cuba was recently established. This committee is presided over by the main author of this work which constitutes an acknowledgements of the achievements in this subject.