(1799 - 1891)
Eminente naturalista, publicó el Compendio de Geografía de la Isla de Cuba, primer libro de su tipo escrito e impreso en el país. Pero su obra monumental es Ictiología Cubana, fruto de sus investigaciones de más de cincuenta años.
Biomedical Sciences
2001 | The polymorphonuclears (PMN) as essential effector cells against Neisseria meningitides B and their possible inductor and regulatory role in Va-Mengoc BC inmune response.
Main executives entity: "Carlos J. Finlay" Institute
Main author: Miriam Lastre, Oliver Pérez, José Lapinet, Marco Cassatella, Miriam Díaz, Aimé Bulart, Gustavo Bracho, Judith del Campo, Tamara Rodríguez, Caridad Zayas y Gustavo Sierra.

Using a correct scientific methodology, the authors demonstrate what was postulated in the title, making original scientific contributions with those that support the effectiveness obtained by the vaccine in the clinical-epidemic field.

The work contains great scientific interest and its results are profitable for the creation of new vaccines. The authors use a leading-edge technology in the attainment of their objectives. These results have been published in the Infection and Immunity magazine (2 articles) in 2001. Likewise, they have been presented 4 times in international events in Cuba and in France. They have been, also, the subject of 3 thesis works.