(1907 - 1982)
Escritor y político. Historia de las doctrinas sociales constituye su aporte historiográfico más importante. Fue nombrado Embajador de Cuba ante la OEA, con posterioridad Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores. Se le conoce como El Canciller de la Dignidad.
Biomedical Sciences
2001 | The polymorphonuclears (PMN) as essential effector cells against Neisseria meningitides B and their possible inductor and regulatory role in Va-Mengoc BC inmune response.
Main executives entity: "Carlos J. Finlay" Institute
Main author: Miriam Lastre, Oliver Pérez, José Lapinet, Marco Cassatella, Miriam Díaz, Aimé Bulart, Gustavo Bracho, Judith del Campo, Tamara Rodríguez, Caridad Zayas y Gustavo Sierra.

Using a correct scientific methodology, the authors demonstrate what was postulated in the title, making original scientific contributions with those that support the effectiveness obtained by the vaccine in the clinical-epidemic field.

The work contains great scientific interest and its results are profitable for the creation of new vaccines. The authors use a leading-edge technology in the attainment of their objectives. These results have been published in the Infection and Immunity magazine (2 articles) in 2001. Likewise, they have been presented 4 times in international events in Cuba and in France. They have been, also, the subject of 3 thesis works.