(1913 - 1997)
Político y economista. Su principal aporte teórico a la economía fue la diferenciación entre los conceptos de "crecimiento" y "desarrollo" que aparece por primera vez en su análisis acerca del libro de Raúl Lorenzo titulado El empleo en Cuba.
Biomedical Sciences
2001 | Idiotypical B-T net associated to N-glycolyl gangliosides present in tumors.
Main executives entity: Center for Molecular Immunology
Main author: Ana María Vázquez.

The scientific novelty of this work consists on providing experimental evidences of the existence of an idiotypical net associated to N-glycolyl gangliosides, that not only involves B cells, but also T lymphocites; and providing a molecular approach to the regulatory idiotype definition. Another result from this work is the demonstration of the trascendence that these participants had in the development of tumors in pre-clinical models.

These results supported the approval of the beginning of AcM 1 E10 anti-idiotype clinical evaluation as a vaccine in patients with cancer in an only intravenous dose. These studies are carried out in Cuba and Argentina. The scientific value of these results is endorsed by its publication or acceptance in prestigious international magazines (3 appeared and 1 was accepted); and its presentation in important international scientific events. Part from these results gave rise to the concession of two patents in the United States.