(1832 - 1886)
Abogado y profesor. Notable escritor sobre temas de Jurisprudencia, Literatura y Filosofía. Publicó importantes artículos sobre Derecho, Literatura y Filosofía a partir de 1850 en las más importantes publicaciones periódicas de la época.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2002 | Values and their current challenges
Main executives entity: Institute of Philosophy
Main author: José Ramón Fabelo Corzo.

Values and their current challenges (BUAP-IF, Mexico-Havana, December 2001) summarizes the results obtained during 10 years of research. The main problem to be solved was the necessary theoretical framework to face, in an analytic and practical way, the sharp crisis of values faced by today's world, mainly, since the fall of real socialism, as well as its implications in Cuban context that keeps alive its socialist project, its Latin American vision and its international defense from an alternative world to neoliberal capitalism. This investigation has searched, as ideological backgroung, to base axiologically the reason that Cuba has in each one of these projections.

For this reason, the objectives have been arranged in three sections:

  • a) proposal of a new philosophical theory about values,
  • b) its application as an instrument to analyze the sharp problems of contemporary reality, < li>
  • c) search of its historical foundation in the praxis and in Latin American thought.

Correspondingly, the obtained results are:

  • a) theoretical proposal about the multidimensionality of values,
  • b) axiological analysis of many topics extremely important for today's world such as global problems, science, market, family, tolerance, education,
  • c) historical analysis of the position that conflicting relationship among "universal" and own values takes in history and in Latin American thought.

All these results, with their respective conclusions, have been expressed in many national and international prestigious publications. /p>