(1858 - 1950)
Malacólogo y zoólogo. Eminente investigador y profesor universitario, discípulo de Felipe Poey. Su extensa obra comprende trabajos de Geología, Paleontología, Zoología, Arqueología e Historia. Su mayor aporte lo realizó en el conocimiento de la fauna fósil cubana.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2002 | Fundamentalism, orthdoxy and changes: An analysis of the particularities of Pentecostalism in Cuba
Main author: Juana Berges Curbelo.

Previous works are continued in this work, but with a new deepening and generalizing level in the studied topic, what allows, together with the sociohistorical vision, assessing the causes of the growth of Pentecostalism at the present time in Cuba, as well as its peculiarities regarding the main international tendencies.

The work is very original and creative in the analysis of the main questions concerning Cuban reality. The work has a high scientific level and rigurosity. All this is reflected in the body of conclusions and recommendations. The presented text is part of the Project about Religion and social change and it has been able to demonstrate the specificities of Pentecoslalism in Cuba. It possesses an updated bibliography and it has been based on field studies with institutions and practitioners. This result contributes to enrich the interreligious and political dialogue between churches and the State starting from the scientific knowledge as epistemological base of contemporary speech.

The work has been provided and supported by the Attention Office of Religious Matters from the Central Committee of the PCC with a view to the politics's constant improvement on this matter. Jointly, it has been positively endorsed by the Scientific Council of Social Sciences of CITMA, the Council of Churches of Cuba, the Higher Institute of Biblical and Theological Studies, and the Pentecostal Christian Church of Cuba.