(1810 - 1896)
Zoólogo alemán. Su labor científica fue enorme en el campo de las investigaciones zoológicas. Sus aportes se plasmaron en obras sobre mamíferos, aves, insectos, reptiles y moluscos.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Study of the answer of gamma radiational damage of superconductor ceramic materials
Main executives entity: Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development
Main author: Carlos Manuel Cruz Inclán y Antonio Leyva Fabelo.

The work approaches the systematic study of Gamma Radiation influence on the Galvanometric Properties of Superconductor Materials with High Critical Temperatures (SAT). It is meritorious because it develops a novel model that allows analyzing the effect of these radiations on very solid bases, decreasing the effect of the experiments' design.

It appears in literature a lot of dispersion on the results, because it was poor the analysis carried out in the reference work, where it is clarified for the first time that quantum's initial energy, experiment's geometry and the sample's shape are important elements from the methodological point of view. Besides, there are theoretically registered and based on important variations in the properties of superconductor ceramics by effect of radiation gamma. All these results are endorsed by many publications in prestigious magazines and by the main author’s defense of the doctorate thesis. It is also a merit of this work the application perspective of these results, given the applications’ complexity in the field of superconductivity.