(1849 - 1933)
Pedagogo y filósofo. De él diría Emilio Roig de Leuchsenrig, que fue "durante largo tiempo, por excelencia, guía y maestro de cubanía".
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Pb - M Hexaferrites: powders and thin sheets with nanometric particles and high coercivity obtained through non-conventional ways
Other entities: MASPEC Institute, Parma, Italy (2)
Main author: Sergio Díaz Castañón, del (1).

The result consists on obtaining and studying new magnetic materials for the registration of information. There are used new growth techniques that allow obtaining powders and/or thin sheets with Pb-M nanometric hexaferrite particles. These materials have coercion and orientation properties higher than those of other similar compounds and which are obtained at lower temperature.

It was obtained a coercive field corresponding to 90% of the theoretical value calculated for powders, and a magnetic orientation in perpendicular direction higher than 80% for sheets, with special emphasis in the clarification of Fe's substitution role for other trivalent elements (Cr, Sc, In and Ga) in Pb-M compound's magnocrystalline properties. It was verified through macroscopic and microscopic measurements the formation of complex magnetic structures for some of the dopings carried out, with deviations of colineal magnetic order in magnetic subnets, as the replacing element is increased. Most of these compositions were synthesized for the first time, and it has been published in 18 articles for specialized literature.