(1877 - 1971)
Botánico. Destacado científico que dedicó su vida a estudiar e interpretar la naturaleza cubana y a buscar nuevas fuentes de riquezas naturales; su mayor aporte a la ciencia lo constituyen sus estudios acerca de las plantas medicinales.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Study and interpretation of optical, structural and chemical behavior of semiconductor materials for optoelectronics
Main author: Augusto Andrés Iribarren Alfonso.

The authors analyze a group of works related with the optic and structural properties of several semiconductor materials, some of which have direct applications in semiconductors’ optoelectronics and physics.

It is carried out the description of absorption tails; the verification of volumetric character of grain frontier in polycrystalline semiconductors; the interpretation and modelling of amorphous materials' anomalous optic behavior obtained by random growth techniques; the establishment of the correlation between the reticular uncoupling and absorption tails of quaternary heterostructures; attainment of transport parameters starting from emission spectra in III-V compounds. The obtained results constitute contributions for specialized literature, and also registered for the first time.